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As a creative director in a leadership role, I’ve helped build some of the greatest brands in the world including Verizon, ESPN, Blackberry, Mentos, Staples, Citibank and Coca Cola.

Now my focus is on creating innovative content through Crosscut Creative, my multi channel agency/production company whose objective is to simply tell a great story. My approach to delivering excellence is to maintain a high level of consistency by overseeing the process from concept through to final production.

Examples include a global social media video campaign for Mentos Gum that changed the way Mentos does marketing. The campaign not only received millions of views, but increased revenue by the millions.

For The Weather Channel, I created an integrated digital, social and traditional campaign that featured Weather nerds who use the app to seek out extreme weather for pleasure. The campaign received 5 million organic YouTube views in under a week.

I was the creative director on one of the most watched campaigns for Verizon, created a new beverage for Coca Cola and developed a sitcom for Turner Entertainment.

You can view my paintings on my website, www.mikegoldbergart.com

Mike Goldberg Creative Director | Video Director


Mentos Gum • Verizon • Coca Cola • ESPN • The Weather Channel • Reebok • Blackberry • Staples Citibank Smith Barney • Procter & Gamble • Popeyes Chicken • Intel • Salomon • American Lung Association • Minolta Cameras • Topps Baseball Cards • Turner Entertainment • The Red Cross Kimberly Clark • Adams Gum • Pringles • Domino's • Butterball • Finagle-A-Bagel • Mcdonald's   Gallo Wine • Anheiser-Busch • PayPal • Fidelity • Merrill Lynch •  Riggs Bank • Sensewhere Geo Location • Yeti Technology • Multiple Listings Service of NorCal • Neato Robotics


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