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About MIKE

It all began with coleslaw. My first job, working at a renowned Boston deli, was to create the perfect balance of cabbage, mayo and vinegar from which I learned there’s an art to everything. Even coleslaw.

From global ad agencies to creative boutiques, I’ve had a leadership role in advertising creating integrated campaigns for hundreds of brands. Most recently, I wrote and directed 21 videos for a global Mentos Gum social media campaign with the first video receiving 2 million views in a day and I created a Weather Channel campaign that received 5 million organic views in a week.

Expanding into branded content I created and wrote a sitcom for Turner Entertainment, co-developed a reality show for The Golf Channel, a webisodic sitcom for a bagel company and an award winning docu series about businesses in San Francisco's Mission District.

What I bring is my ability to see opportunities in any challenge I face, finding that unique angle and strategy that sets up a big all encompassing creative idea. I hope that examples of my work illustrate my commitment, passion and the relentless pursuit of excellence.  

And if you have a moment you can view my paintings (very little to do with coleslaw) at galleries in San Francisco and at my website, www.mikegoldbergart.com


Mentos Gum • Verizon • Coca Cola • ESPN • The Weather Channel • Blackberry • Staples  • Citibank Smith Barney • Procter & Gamble • Popeyes Chicken • Intel • Salomon • American Lung Association • Minolta Cameras • Topps Baseball Cards • Turner Entertainment • The Red Cross Kimberly Clark • Adams Gum Pringles • Domino's • Butterball • Finagle-A-Bagel • Mcdonald's   Gallo Wine • Anheiser-Busch • PayPal • Fidelity • Merrill Lynch •  Riggs Bank • Sensewhere Geo Location • Yeti Technology • Multiple Listings Service of NorCal