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About MIKE

It all began with coleslaw. My first job, working at a renowned Boston deli, was to create the perfect balance of cabbage, mayo and vinegar from which I learned there’s an art to everything. Even coleslaw.

From global ad agencies to creative boutiques, I’ve had a leadership role in marketing and advertising creating integrated campaigns for hundreds of brands. Most recently, I wrote and directed 21 videos for a global Mentos Gum social media campaign with the first video receiving 2 million views in a day. I also wrote and directed a Weather Channel campaign that received 5 million views in a week.

Expanding into branded content I created and wrote a sitcom for Turner Entertainment, co-developed a reality show for The Golf Channel, a webisodic sitcom for a bagel company and an award winning docu series about businesses in San Francisco's Mission District.

And if you're in the mood you can view my paintings (very little to do with coleslaw) at galleries in San Francisco and at my website, www.mikegoldbergart.com


Mentos Gum • Verizon • Coca Cola • ESPN • The Weather Channel • Blackberry • Staples  • Citibank Smith Barney • Procter & Gamble • Popeyes Chicken • Intel • Salomon • American Lung Association • Minolta Cameras • Topps Baseball Cards • Turner Entertainment • The Red Cross Kimberly Clark • Adams Gum Pringles • Domino's • Butterball • Finagle-A-Bagel • Mcdonald's   Gallo Wine • Anheiser-Busch • PayPal • Fidelity • Merrill Lynch •  Riggs Bank • Sensewhere Geo Location • Yeti Technology • Multiple Listings Service of NorCal